Admission open for Summer Special Batches: New batches from 1st May 2019.


Raspberry Pi Workshop

Electronics courses| Raspberry pi Training | Industrial Training Centrein Nashik

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Introduction to Raspberry pi
  • Preparing your Raspberry pi for first use.
    • Different operating system for Raspberry Pi.
    • Writing OS on SD Card.
    • Uploading OS.
    • Booting for the first time.
  • Setting up for the perfect Pi experience.
    • Setting various options and personalizing.
    • First introduce to the LINUX terminal.
    • Static IP Setting.
    • Taking remote access.
  • Getting started with OS details.
    • Basics of terminal and command line.
    • Software installation on command line.
  • Python basics
    • Python 3
    • Arithmetic operations.
  • Getting familiar to the GPIO pins of your Pi Pin numbering formats
    • The voltage hazard information.
    • Installing RPI GPIO libraries.
    • Motors.
    • Digital I/O.
    • Displays.